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Don't worry, we've got all the materials you need to fix that old ceramic pot you inherited from your parents that you acidently dropped.  Want to make a model project? Montvale Hardware & Supply carrries the latest in sticky technology. From silicone based products to epoxies, construction adhesives to cements. We carry brand names like Liquid Nails, Gorilla Glue, G&E products, phenoseal, JB Weld, and more.


Tapes give us a quick solution to a temporary problem. The most commonly found tape in every house is most likely duct tape. With hundreds of uses, it makes sense, right? But when you dont need the heavy adhesion of duct tape, we can help you find the best tape for your project.

Duct Tape- choose from intertape, Do-It Best, and 3M.

Intertape offers


Intertape also makes colored duct tapes, available in smaller sizes:

10 YD

5 YD packages in red, white, and black. Red, Item no. 462446. White, Item no. 401620. Black, Item no. 462438

Wood Glues and Epoxies

From Titebond to Elmers, and that specialty glue made by Loctite or Gorilla Glue, we've got it! You will be sure to find a sticky solution for your fix.

Titebond in stock:
Original formula 
     4 oz  Item no. 301024
     8 oz  Item no. 301042
     16 oz  Item no. 301097
Premuim formula II
     8 oz  Item no. 343412
    16 oz.  Item no. 343420
Liquid Hide formula
     4 oz  Item no. 339865
     8 oz  Item no. 339873

Elmer's in stock:
Carpenter's Glue
     4 oz.  Item no. 301418
     8 oz  Item no. 344844
    32 oz.  Item no. 354048
Probond formula
     12 oz.  Item no. 318620
Glue-All formula
     1.25 oz  Item no. 333954
      4 oz  Item no. 333963
     7.625 oz.  Item no. 333972
Polyurethane formula
     2 oz  Item no. 382167

Gorilla Glue in stock
    2 oz  and 4 oz bottle sizes.
    New! Epoxy now in stock.

Loctite Glue and Epoxies in stock
    2 oz size bottle
    5 minute set clear dry epoxy  Item no.  325847
    60 minute set clear dry epoxy   Item no.  339967



Goop products Goop products
These super adhesive glues can be used in many household applications. Dries clear, and available in 3.7 oz tubes. We carry goop products for plumbing, marine use, automotive use, and  household use. Don't take your shoes to the shoe maker! Fix that squeaking rubber sole and glue it with Goops' amazing Shoe Goo. Need to make a water tight seal in pool tiles or garden hoses? What about your fish tank? Use the Plumbing Goop Glue to solve your leaky problem quickly! Have a tear in boat cover, canopy, or cushions? Marine Glue will mend those tears. It's totally waterproof, UV stable, and dries to a rubber-like consistency. Automotive Goop is more effective than silicone for protecting battery terminals against corrosion.  It can also be used to seal windshields and headlights as well as insulate electrical wiring and mend torn speaker cones.
See what else Goop has to offer

Goo Gone products Goo Gone products
Goo Gone offers the famous Goof Off and OOps products that remove adhesives and dried latex paint off of a variety of surface materials. Choose from our 5 sizes accoring to your needs.

Caulking Caulking

Caulking can be used to fill gaps, or close off corners in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, walls, just about anywhere. In construction it is used to provide a thermal insulation and restrict noise travel. We stock silicone sealants ad paintable sealants that are typically made of elastomeric materials that allow movement up to 50%. Construction caulk is used where no building movement is expected. Our G&E silicone products can be used around windows and doors, or in kitchens and baths. Fire retardent caulking is also stocked.

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