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 Animal Repellents & Traps 

Hav-a-heart Traps Hav-a-heart Traps

Sizes available:
10 x 3 x 3-for mice, shrews, and voles 
18 x 5 x 5-for rats, chipmunks, small squirrels, and weasels  
24 x 7 x 7-for large squirrels, skunks, gophers, and rabbits  
36 x 11 x 11-for woodchucks, raccoons, cats, opossums,and porcupines.
42 x 15 x 15-for small dogs, bobcats, large raccoons.

Call To Check for Prices.

Mouse, Rat & Insect Repellents Mouse, Rat & Insect Repellents

We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor repellents and traps that will surely catch and keep all the critters away.

  • Raid Wasp And Hornet Spray 
  • Selection of Mosquito Sprays and Mosquito Pins
  • OFF! brand and Deep Forest Mosquito Sprays
  • J-Eaton Brand of Mouse Traps 
  • Victor Brand Mouse traps
  • Selection of Deer Repellents including Ortho, Shakeaway and Hav-a-Heart
  • Terro Ant Traps 
  • Combat Ant & Roach Traps


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