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 Automotive & Engine Care 

Tire Gauge
Rearview mirror adhesive
Blind spot mirror
big digital clock
replacement bulbs for turn signals
tire sealant
valve caps for tires
liscence plate fasteners
car air freshener
clipboard with suction cups
ez-pass clip
magnetic key hiders
delux sun screen for car windows
automotive velcro
emergency radial tire kit
pistonl grip oil can
cable booster
deer alert
steering wheel cover

Silicone Spray and Lubricants
3 in 1 Oil:
3 oz  SAE 20  Item no. 575407
3 oz Multi- purpose  Item no. 575372
8 oz Multi- purpose  Item no. 579580

9 zo CRC Multi purpose power lube  Item no. 589357
4 oz  Tri-Flow lubricant  Item no. 582131
6 oz  Tri-Flow lubricant  Item no. 582159
11 oz Liquid Wrench Spray Item no. 420402
4 oz Gunk Liquid Wrench, frees rusted bolts and parts,  Item no. 408204
4 oz. Panef Lock lubricant  Item no. 575880
4 oz Panef Lock lubricant, sprays upside down   Item no. 575611
Panef stick lubricant  Item no. 576328
Panef powdered white lubricant  Item no. 576352
2 oz Panef white Lithium grease  Item no. 572482
Panef powdered graphite  Item no. 5756756
12 oz White Lithium Grease, spray  Item no. 572306
14 oz Moly EP Grease  Item no. 572311
16 oz. Multi purpose lithium grease   Item no.573659
8 oz Panef Garage Door Grease  Item no. 101338

Silicone Spray:
10 oz CRC Food grade silicone spray  Item no. 591408
 4 oz KEL Pure silicone spray  Item no. 576442
10 oz KEL Pure silicone spray  Item no. 571447
13.75 oz KEL 132 silicone spray  Item no. 572500
WD-40: multi-purpose lubricating sprays
5.5 oz Item no.  575362
8 oz.   Item no. 575513
2 oz  Item no. 580543
No Mess Pen  Item no. 580552

Pennzoil Motor Oil Pennzoil Motor Oil
We carry the following Pennzoil oils:
  SAE HD-30 Item no. 581372
  SAE 5W-30 Item no. 581402
  SAE 5W-30 Platinum Item no. 579555 
  SAE 10W-30 Item no. 581410
  SAE 10W-40 Item no. 581429 
  2 Cycle Small Engine Oil Item no. 572136
  Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF  Item no. 583693

Windshield Washer Fluid/ Anti Freeze Windshield Washer Fluid/ Anti Freeze
  • Item no. 578388- Premium window washer fluid. Protects to a frigid -30 F. No mixing requried. 
  • Item no. 571539- Prestone. Removes frost and light ice.  Protects to -30 F 

  • Item no. 574465- RV and Marine Anti-freeze Protects to -50 F.
  • Item no. 572231- Texaco Anti-freeze Coolant. Protects to -34 F.

Tire Puncture Seal Tire Puncture Seal
Seals and inflates tires in seconds. Safe and easy to use. Two sizes:
12 oz  Item no.588644 used for car tires.
24.5 oz  Item no. 591807, used with hose for larger tires found of light trucks, SUV's, vans and RV's.

Bar & Chain Oil Bar & Chain Oil
Qt. Summer bar/chain oil. For use in 40 F plus temperatures. Item no. 720441
Gal. Item no. 725458
Qt Winter bar/chain oil.  For use in -20 to 40 F temperatures. Item no, 725722
Gal. Item no. 725730

Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic Oil
Item no. 574031
Gal. Hydraulic Oil 20W. General purpose for use in old and new hydraulic machinery.

2 Cycle Engine Oil 2 Cycle Engine Oil
Four sizes:
3.2 oz. use for a single gallon mix  Item no. 763560
8 oz  use for 16:1, 32:1, and 50:1 engine ratios. 
       Lubrimatic Item no. 584940
       Lawn-boy  Item no. 730866
16 oz.  use for 32:1, 40:1, and 50:1 engine ratios  Item no. 737100
32 oz. Lubrimatic Item no. 571321
32 oz. Pennzoil Premium Multi Purpose Oil. use for 16:1, 32:1, 50:1, 100:1 engine                    ratios. Item no. 572136

Car Cleaning Products Car Cleaning Products
We carry the following ARMORALL products:
4 oz. Item no. 576424
10 oz Item no. 591769
16 oz. Item no. 576460
32 oz. Item no.  576479
Car Wash- Concentrate
24 oz. Item no. 579769 
64oz.  Item no. 578452
Multi-Purpose Auto Cleaner  Item no. 578444
Cleaning Wipes  Item no. 576647
Wax-It-Dry Gel   Item no. 580422
Power Wash Gel  Item no. 580414

7 oz. Rain-X, helps detain rain from staying on windshield. Item no. 587753

TURTLE WAX Products:
Car wash-
16 oz  Item no. 570368
64 oz  Item no. 584517
16 oz Color cure car polish, red.  Item no. 576807
10.5 oz Polishing compound and scratch remover  Item no. 582266
16 oz. Express shine spray car wax  Item no. 575700
16 oz Turtle wax super hard shell rub wax  Item no. 574603 

MEGUIAR'S Products:
11 oz. Cleaning wax  Item no. 757336

No. 7 products, CYCLO Industries:
10 oz Rubbing compound  Item no. 574809
8 oz. Chrome and metal polish  Item no. 574765
8 oz. Bug and Tar remover  Item no. 574827
16 oz. Bug and Tar remover  Item no. 574630


20 oz. Bleche-Wite. Whestley's.  Item no.  572044
32 oz. Wheel polishing spray. Blue Coral  Item no. 579203
20 oz. AmorAll Tire Foam  Item no. 588334

Cargroom Fiberglass Repair Kit  Item no. 578299
Cargroom Light Weight Body Filler  Item no. 571423

Engine Care Engine Care

16 oz Tite Seal Rubberized Under Coating  Item no. 572669
5.5 oz Bar's Leaks Radiator Stop Leak  Item no. 577634
12 oz Snap Engine Oil Stop Leak  Item no. 573760
10 oz. Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer  Item no. 590517
 8 oz STP Gas Treatment  Item no. 570698
12 oz STP Fuel Injector cleaner   Item no. 578258
 8 oz. STP Lead substitute  Item no. 579599
12 oz HEET gas anti-freeze  Item no. 574686
12 oz Gumout Fuel Injector  Item no. 573061
12.5 oz. Gumout Carb and Choke Cleaner  Item no. 575498
10 oz HEET Starting Fluid  Item no. 575951
11 oz HEET Windshield de-icer  Item no. 571814
22 oz Prestone Super Flush  Item no. 581016
11 oz Prestone Windshield de-icer  Item no. 581007
32 oz. Rislone Engine Treatment  Item no. 580856
32 oz. Marvel Mystery Oil  Item no. 582989
8 oz. Permatex Anti- Seize Lube  Item no. 571072
30 oz Gunk General Purpose Degreaser  Item no. 571027
12 oz Gunk Brake Fluid  Item no. 583766
17 oz. Gunk Foamy Engine Brite Cleaner   Item no. 580357
15 oz. Gunk Engine Degreaser  Item no. 575050
12 oz Gunk Bearin' Seal to stop oil leaks, Item no. 576603
 6 oz Gunk Belt Dressing  Item no. 570443
12 oz Gunk Power Steering Fluid  Item no. 570192
12 oz Gunk Transeal for automatic transmissions  Item no. 574989
12 oz Gunk Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel Stabilizer  Item no. 576219
20 oz Gunk Electric Motor Contact Cleaner  Item no. 572295

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