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 Hand Tools 

Hand tools galore! From 15 in 1 screwdrivers, hammers, drills, saws, palm sanders, roto zips, dremel tools and accessories, pipe cutters, wrenches, socket sets and individual pieces. We carry brand names like Dewalt, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, and Black & Decker.

If you don't see what you need we will be happy to order it for you.

Rasps make for quick filing and tool sharpening.


It's digging time! Want to make your lawn look like you had professional work done? Grab a friend and a shovel and make your lawn colorful and green.  Whether you are looking for a spade, round, or square shovel with a wooden or fibergalss handle we've got what you need for every application!

long handle garden spade  Item no. 700129
flate blade flordal spade  Item no.  700833
wooden D-handle garden spade  Item no. 709603
garden spade D-handle Item no. 744528
garden spade  Item no. 755891
fibergalss handle square shovel  Item no. 761615
D-handle round point shovel  Item no. 718554

Rakes Rakes

Whether your kids want to get into the leaf-cleaning action or you are looking for the right light wieght utility rake, we make sure that we have a selection for you to choose from.

kids poly leaf rake  Item no. 731364
Poly leaf rake  Item no. 738633
8" poly shrub rake  Item no. 712312
poly shrub rake   Item no. 760117
24" clog free poly rake   Item no.  720052
22" lawn rake  Item no. 706052
30" baMboo rake  Item no.  700511
30" poly leaf rake  Item no. 756220
level head rake  Item no. 725406
poly leaf scoops  Item no.  752457
forged level head garden rake   Item no. 701949
16" forged bow rake  Item no. 741610
22" spring brace leaf rake  Item no. 707266
weld garden rake  Item no. 710662
aluminum landscape rake  Item no. 711064
steel contractor rake  Item no. 733106
spring brace lawn rake  Item no. 73671
22 tine steel leaf rake  Item no. 751485
14" welded garden rake  Item no. 756210
shrub and cultivating rake  Item no. 760108

handles too!
8" wood handle shrub rake  Item no. 739308
19" wood handle lawn rake  Item no. 739308

Ruler/Stud Sensor

From small to large, Stanley to Lufkin to Do It Best, we've got one that fits your budget and your projects. 
For hand held, pocket wearing rulers, Stanley's chrome powerlock line offers
10'  Item no. 395552
12'  Item no. 322760
16'  Item no. 303665
25'  Item no. 324919

Looking to mark out lines or measure distances over 100'? Check out our dual measuring wheel with telescoping handle and reading distance of 10,000 feet. 

12-1/2" measuring wheel, folding heavy duty handle extends to 39". Measure up to 10,000', counter also subtracts. Item no. 323659

4" dual measuring wheel, 20-1/2" handle extends and locks at 36". Measure up to 10,000'. Item no. 323667


Keep in mind these are instock items. you can search dewalt direct, or continue your search on, type Dewalt in the search and click on search.
3/8" VSR Drill, keyless chuck, 8" rubber cord. 5A motor    Item no. 344532
15pc Rapid Load Set, quick change accessory system   Item no. 324582
Rapid Load Holder  chuck holder 1 time for easy bit changes   Item no. 329231
16pc Drill bit set, 1/16" to 1/2".    Item no.308501
18V Impact Wrench Kit, includes 2 18V XRP batteries, 1 hour charger   Item no. 314699
7-1/4" 15 A Circular Saw Kit, includes one 20 tooth carbide-tipped blade  Item no. 317101
7.2 V Screwdriver Kit, 2-position pivoting handle  includes 2 battery packs Item no. 322318
500-3100 SPM VS Jigsaw Kit, accepts T-shank blades, 6.5 A   Item no. 332402
14.4V VSR Driver/Drill Kit, cordless, 3 gear ranges,1/2" keyless chuck Item no. 345571
Masonry Blades:
4" Full Rim Masonry Blade, 5.8 arbor Item no. 338508
4-1/2 " Masonry Blade  Item no. 338583
7" Full Rim Masonry Blade  Item no. 338885
8" Full RIm Masonry Balde  Item no. 339172
12" 80T Carbide Blade, ideal for any applications, 1" arbor   Item no. 312444
Grinding/Cut off Wheels:
4-1/2 x 1/8" Grinding Wheel, for metal grinding, Item no. 354546
4-1/4" Cut off Wheel, for metal grinding,   Item no. 310832
4-1/2 x 1/4" Grinding Wheel, for metal grinding,  Item no. 354538
4-1/2 x 1/8" Grinding Wheel, for concrete, masonry grinding,  Item no. 354562
4 x 1/4" Grinding Wheel, for concrete, masonry grinding or cutting  Item no. 310840
4 x 1/2" Grinding Wheel,  for concrete, masonry grinding or cutting  Item no. 354554
9.6 V   Item no. 334731
12 V    Item no. 350192
12 V XRP, NiCd battery  Item no. 367052
14.4 V XRP, NiCd battery  Item no. 367060
18 V XRP, NiCd battery  Item no. 368504

We also stock a complete line of individual Bits:
Cobalt Drill Bits for drilling in stainless steel, abrasive metals and other hard to drill alloys.
Titanium Bits, most sizes in stock, great for wood, metal, and plastic cutting.
Masonry Bits, for concrete and masonry drilling.
Split and Pilot Point Bits, only some in stock, over 25 available sizes.

Hammers, Sledgehammers, Mallets
We carry ballpeen, blacksmith, tack, rubber mallets, masons hammers, and sledge hammers for all of your home repair needs.

From planes and butt gauges, to files and rasps, we have what you need to trim and shape wood, metals, and plastics. The gauges are used as guides and helps to make clean cuts when installing hinges on a door. Files and rasps are made of high carbon steel are be used for sharpening on the spot. Handles sold separetly.

Block planes are make for convenient quick changes in hard to reach places. Perfect for trimmimg down doors or leveling a piece of wood, laminate, or plastic. Contoured to fit the palm of your hand for comfortable, quick working - block planes make it easy.

Mini block plane- dual positioning for regular planing and bull nose work into corners. Quick and easy to change blade, extra blade storage in the handle. Item no. 321538, 330573.
3-1/2" block plane- nickel-plated level, small and light trimming, handy for modeling, sculpting and other light work. Item no. 395404
6-1/2" block plane- small and compact, easy blade change. Milled and polished bottom. Item no. 315420
7" block plane- no frequent adjustment needed, thickness of cut adjusted with change of a steel screw.  Item no. 315439

Threading Materials

We stock both American and Metric size Taps and Dies made of carbon steel. The popular plug style fits the Tap Wrench that is designed with the T-style handle with spring tension to hold the handles. Easy to use and easy to find - it's the size you need.

Taps are used to re-thread the thread size you need on a bolt. Dies are used to make external threads.

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