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Plumbing doesn't have to be difficult and with the help of Montvale Hardware's knowledgeable staff we can help you get exactly what you need. With a wide selection of parts ranging from pipes to faucet aerators, you're sure to find exactly what it is you're looking for.
We have the ability to order specific parts from manufactures such as Kohler, Moen, and Fluidmaster - just to name a few.


Ever wonder how the pro's clean nasty sink, bathroom, and shower clogs? They use a snake! Some are designed with machine power,  just a quick connect to a drill and go. Others are designed to be manually handled. They are simple to use, require a little drive but make your wallets happy for repeat offenders in any drain.

Toilet Auger

When the plunger just won't do, go the extra mile before you call your plumber and try a toilet auger. With different thicknesses to choose from, you can find a solution quickly and easily. They're perfect for any toilet and works every time.

Kitchen Sink Repair

Our large selection of repair parts will help you fix almost every job.

Gas/Range Stove
Need a replacement knob? Bring in your old one and we will match it up!
Need a circular or square replacement pan? Find out the size and we've got it!
Need a replacement hose? Our gas connector range kit comes fully loaded with a 4' hose, 1/2" male shut off valve, 3 adapters, pipe sealant, and leak detection solution to make sure the job is done right.

Dryer Accessories

Did you know that it's not regulation to use vinyl duct for your clothes dryer?

Dishwasher Accessories

We stock a variety of rubbers connectors and hoses, stainless steel facuet connectors, and plastic fittings to get your dishwasher back into action! 5/8" and 7/8" hose sizes available cut at any length.  48" and 60" stainless steel dishwasher connectors are also available.

Toilet Repair

From angle valves to toilet flappers, wax rings to toilet seats and covers, and toilet handles to supply lines, our plumbing section has everything you need to get your toilet up and running, Go catch it!

Toilet Handles:
When you are in the market for a new toilet handle you want to keep two things in mind. One- the manufacturer of your toilet, and two- where the handle is located, whether it be on the front of the toilet or located on the side. Our in store collection contains toilet handles for both areas and come in metal or plastic. MOst of the handles are silver in color,there are a few in white.  Specialty colors or finishes may be available on line and ready for ship-to-store at

Toilet Flappers:
Some of the most common reasons why you would need to change a toilet flapper are:
1. the toilet runs constantly, the seal is not tight unexpectedly refilling or making steady running or dripping sounds, or the fill valve leaks.
2. time of last change...the suggestion is to change your flapper once a year.  efficiency is key and choosing the right flapper makes it easy to maintain your toilet.

Its easy to choose and change your flapper. The best way to make sure you get the right match is to bring in your old one. Dont forget to turn the water off and flush the remaining water to get to the flapper.  If you can't do that, make note of the flapper and come see the experts at Montvale Hardware and Supply.
Some toilets require special flappers. Kholer, and American Standard have specific replacement flapper but there are many universal flappers that will do the trick.

Facuet Adapters

Bring your water anywhere! First you have to know whether you need to get an adapter with inside (male) or outside (female) threads. There are a few sizes but most are universal with a kitchen or bathroom sink faucet.

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