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 Safety & Fire Prevention 

Smoke Alarms

Always, always, always! Remember to change your battery operated smoke/fire alarms and your carbon monoxide detectors once a year. Test them periodically to ensure they are working properly. The first step in making it out safely is knowing your alarms work.

Have a route planned out with your family and make sure they know they can make it out safely!

Fire Extinguisher
First Alert
    1A10BC Multi-Purpose Home Fire Extinguisher- fights most common house fires/rechargable- item no. 311861
    5BC Auto Fire Extinguisher- comes with mounting bracket/rechargable- item no. 373117
    5BC Recreational Fire Extinguisher- fights most common recreational fires/rechargable- item no. 350109
    3A40BC Heavy Duty Plus Fire Extinguisher- exceeds NFPA fire code/rechargable -item no. 322172
10BC Fire Extinguisher- perfect for garage and home. Fights gasoline, kerosene, electrical fires, grease and oil. Item no. 325473

Fire Extinguisher Bracket, Item no. 300016

 2A10BC Living Area Fire Extinguisher. Perfect for every level of your home. NFPA Recmommended, single use only. Selling your home? This is the Extinguisher to have to pass inspection. Item no. 89000

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