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 Winter Accessories 

Winter is approaching, and it will be here before you know it, so stock up on what you need now. From Ice Melter to snow shovels, hand warmers to car accessories, get them before the snow hits!

If you own a snowblower, here are some helpful tips to make sure it starts every time:
-Check your spark plug
-Starting fluid is a great liquid to have handy
-Your engine is clean
-Replace any and all fluids- gas and/or oil
-Your shear pins are in good condition
-Tires are not flat

If you don't owna snowblower, come talk to us at Montvale Hardware to see how you can purchase one!


Rock salt if perfect for the street and non asphalt driveways. You don't want to use this product on your walkways, pavers, or driveways. Not safe for pets. Works until -5 degrees. 

25 lb- Item no. 728154
50 lb- Item no. 728706


When you need to be on the move, don't get caught without a snow brush to clean your car while you warm it up. From small or expandable handles any of these brush/scraper combos will make it easy.

10" ice scraper - this 2 in 1 tool has an edge to break the ice and an edge to scrape along the winshield. Contoured handle for comfort. Item no. 578459

Ice scraper brush combo - Durable bristles and scraper edge. Item no. 581114

23" snowbrush - Two way scraper on one end makes it easy to go forward and backward. Double layer bristle end allows for better clean up. Item no. 579074

42" telescopic brush - Extend when needed. Durable bristles on one end, scraper on the other. Item no. 579065


Never get locked out of your vehicle again! Prevent breaking keys, great to use on windows, latches, windshield wipers, and trunks. Also keeps locks from rusting and refreezing. 
Comes in three sizes!

Easy squeeze tube, Item no. 579246
Travel size, 5.8 oz trigger spray, Item no. 576336
11 oz spray aerosol can, Item no. 571814


Dig your way through the snow with a shovel from Montvale Hardware! We carry the finest plastic and metal shovels... even shovels for the kids! 

Poly snow shovels:
Nonstick poly shovel with galvanized edge. D style steel grip handle. Item no. 757256
Snow shovel/pusher combo, all poly. Item no. 757283
Snow shovel/pusher combo, graphite blade reduces snow sticking. Item no. 757292
Square poly shovel, all poly. Item no. 757247
Snow shovel/pusher combo, galvanized wear strip. Item no.760661
Snow shovel/pusher combo, galvanized wear strip with bent ergonomic handle, Item no. 757318

Metal/Aluminum snow shovels:
Metal blade, wooden handle. Item no. 701164

Kids snow shovel
Red poly shovel, D grip handle, Item no. 701191

We aren't just your shovel, ice melt, and everything else winter source, we also carry hats, gloves, and face masks! Choose from different styles, colors, and sizes to keep you warm when your out in the winters' days.


Windshield washer fluid is always an important ingredient to have for your car throughout the year, especially during the winter. Don't get caught driving without it in your vehicle for it can really aid in clearing up your frosty windshield.

Blue label, -20 degree washer fluid easily removes road grime, film and bugs. Gallon. Item no. 574248

Purple label, -30 degree washer fluid contains antifreeze to help protect against frost and light ice. Gallon. Item no. 578388


Texaco anti-freeze, prevents freeze-ups down to -62 F. Guards year round against corrosion for all cooling system metals including aluminum. Gallon.  Item no. 572231

RV anti-freeze, perfect for winterizing water systems in recreational vehicles, boats, vacation homes and swimming pools. Burst protection to -50 F. Gallon.  Item no. 573574

Heet gas anti-freeze, aids in quick cold weather starts while preventing frozen fuel lines. Removes water and condensation from fuel systems. Safe for both unleaded and leaded fuels. 12 oz container. Item no. 574686


All you need is some snow to make this saucer sled fun for all ages. One handle on each side allows you to stay on the sled and guide your way across the white powder. Grab some rope, a few friends, and hit the snow! Item no. 821128


Safe Step Ice Melter. The best time to put down this mix of potassium chloride is before the snow comes. Perfect for driveways, walkways, entrances, and parking lots. Safe for pets and children. Will not harm trees or green life. Works quickly and effectively.

Available in these sizes:
12lb carrying container- lightwieght and perfect for leaving in the car . Item no. 758191
25lb- easy to carry bag with handle. Item no. 713204
40lb- pail size. perfect for storage and refilling. Item no. 723503
50lb- easy to carry bag with handle, perfect for restocking the pail.  Item no. 713917

16' Roof Rake. Perfect for all snow removal in those high and hard to reach areas.  Three sections makes it easy to put together and disassemble for the height desired. Easy maneuvering rollers under the 7" x 24" blade makes for smoother, easier movement and removal. Item no. 712768


Available in foot, toe, hand, and body. Just remove from package and place in desired location. No shaking or kneading required. Perfect for any outdoor activities. One time use only.

Foot warmer, S/M or M/L sizes available, Item no. 805343
Toe warmer, Item no. 803893
Hand warmer, Item no. 803855
Body warmer, Item no. 805335

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